Green Deal Leather

Towards Zero Adverse Impact of the European Leather Industry


IndustriAll-Europe and COTANCE, as the European Partners for the tanning and leather sector, have embarked on a two-year EU social dialogue project ‘’Towards Zero Adverse Impact of the European Leather Industry (Green Deal Leather)’’.

The project aims to address two key issues in the tanning sector: safety in the workplace and its carbon footprint. Through surveys, the gathering of official data, and interviews, the project partners will collect the necessary data to provide stakeholders with information on where further work is needed to further reduce negative impacts. This information will serve as a baseline for measuring progress for the leather industry, both inside and outside the EU.

The project will involve seven Member States representing over 80% of the sector’s companies and workers and will be developed via social dialogue at all levels. Two international workshops will be organised on the selected topics and a final conference will take place in Brussels to presentation the results. Throughout the project, relevant printed and digital materials will be disseminated via a dedicated EU-wide campaign.

The European social partners believe that this project fits in well with the current European agenda including the European Green Deal, the Circular Economy Action Plan, the EU Industrial Strategy, and the textiles ecosystem transition pathway noting the need to protect and create jobs while ensuring a competitive, sustainable, fairer, and more resilient European tanning industry.

Project Presentation: here