Building Trade Union Power 

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  • Organising basics for European Works Councils - Recommendations to EWC/SE coordinators and worker representatives DE EN FR CZ

  • Building stronger unions: overview of priorities and ongoing activities DE EN FR

  • The Organising Programme by IndustriAll Europe DE EN FR CZ ES

  • Recommendations for BTUP in Corona times: Organise! DE EN FR

  • Action plan 2021/2022 DE EN FR

Archived documents

  • Activity report 2019 – 2020 (Brussels, 17 May 2019) DE EN FR
  • General progress report 2019 (Helsinki, 27 November 2019) DE FR EN
  • General Building Trade Union Power progress report 2016 – 2019 EN
  • Action Plan adopted by the Executive Committee (London, 8 June 2017) DE