EU Member States are now called upon to swiftly adopt this proposal and implement it in the Partnership Council with the UK. 

IndustriAll Europe has been calling for this action for the past 6 months, as a cliff edge would harm automotive workers on both sides of the Channel.

Europe's 13.5 million automotive workers are actively engaged in the mass electrification of our automotive industry and fleet, and have been vocal in calling for national and European industrial strategies to ensure that we master the entire value chain in electric vehicle production. Imposing tariffs on electric vehicles as a result of rules of origin would undermine our efforts to ensure a Just Transition for workers in the sector on both sides of the Channel. We urgently need to increase our domestic battery production, but this is not feasible within the current timeframe of the TCA. Given the planned investment in European battery production, which is to be welcomed, it is expected that the additional 3 years will give our local market the time needed to organise battery production lines in line with the rules of origin provisions.

At a time when much political attention is focused on the increasing exposure of European markets to Chinese electric vehicle imports, it is incomprehensible that policymakers would intentionally undermine our positions in key regional markets in this way.

Letter to Thierry Breton Commissioner for Internal Market of the European Union.