Our economic future is again very uncertain, but there is a fact: many companies are still doing well. Workers need to be compensated.

Today, manufacturing, mining and energy trade unions, under the umbrella of industriAll European Trade Union, are launching their Europewide campaign for higher wages and stable purchasing power.

As Europe faces a full-blown economic and social crisis, trade unions are fighting back! Across the continent, they are mobilising and engaged in negotiations to tackle the growing cost of living crisis that is affecting us all. With our European campaign, we are supporting the national campaigns and negotiations of our member organisations. We are showing that trade unions stand side by side in this important battle, across national boundaries.

Our campaign will run from 3 October to 29 November. During this period, we will support the activities of our affiliates at the national level. We will run a social media campaign and organise thematic action weeks to communicate our demands in greater detail. We will engage with employers, policy makers and the EU institutions.

We have key messages for employers and policymakers:
  • Workers need a pay rise and big business can afford it!
  • Inflation is not wage driven!
  • Workers need stable purchasing power and anti-crisis measures, not austerity!
We have key demands to end the cost of living crisis:
  • A pay rise that guarantees decent living standards
  • Fair taxes on companies and the wealthy
  • Support for workers affected by the cost of living crisis
  • Financial support for companies struggling with energy costs, with guarantees to save jobs and raise wages
  • Sectoral bargaining so workers can win better pay

Isabelle Barthès, Deputy General Secretary of industriAll Europe:

“Our economic future is again very uncertain, but there is a fact: many companies are still doing well. These good results are not falling from the sky, they are the result of workers’ hard labour during the pandemic. These workers need to be compensated. This will contribute to social stability and prepare for economic recovery.

“Employers must live up to their responsibility and public authorities must step in too as companies and households start to succumb to the energy price crisis. We call on the governments to urgently coordinate their efforts at EU level to take measures to shield jobs and workers from soaring prices.”

Luc Triangle, General Secretary of industriAll Europe:

“Standing united at the national and European level, we can do it. It is inspiring to see how trade unions are leading the action, mobilising the workers, and organising the protest. We will not leave it to the populists.

“By standing united, we will be successful in winning higher wages, obtaining support mechanisms for workers affected by the crisis, achieving fair taxation, tackling energy prices, and much more.”