Trade unions in the Slovak Republic are taking to the streets to protest against the rapidly declining economic and social situation of Slovak citizens and the government’s failure to address the rising food and energy prices, cost of living and inflation.

The first of three planned protest rallies is taking place today in Košice. Two further major rallies are planned in Žilina on 30 April and in Trnava on 7 May. If the government fails to act, the trade unions are ready to call a general strike.

The protests are jointly organised by industriAll Europe’s affiliate OZ KOVO, the Slovak trade union confederation KOZ SR, the Union of Pensioners in Slovakia and the Slovak Spa Association.

The trade unions are demanding negotiations to adjust pensions and compensation for rising food and energy costs. They strongly criticise the government for its inaction and failing to appropriately inform and involve the social partners.

Emil Machyna, head of the Slovak metalworkers’ trade union, is convinced that the regional protests are important and reflect the needs of the people:

"I believe that we will be successful and mobilise civil society. It is not enough to just talk and write. It is necessary to come out in person and fight for what we know is right."

Luc Triangle, General Secretary of industriAll Europe:

“In these challenging times where inflation is skyrocketing and eroding purchasing power, governments must step in and protect people, especially the most vulnerable who are now struggling to make ends meet.”

IndustriAll Europe supports the protest action and stands in full solidarity with its Slovak member organisation.

Contact: Andrea Husen-Bradley (press and communication)