French trade unions in the electricity and gas industries (CGT FNME, CFDT FCE, CFE-CGC Énergies and FO Énergie et Mines) are mobilising today. They are joining forces in a general strike to stop the ransacking of the EDF group because of a government decision to increase the share of nuclear production reserved for competing suppliers (AReNH). The government is selling the energy volume at nearly five times less the market price.

Unions fear that this sale at a loss will have severe consequences for the EDF group and its employees, as well as the country. It risks jeopardising the future of the group, its employees and its public service missions. Instead of combatting energy price hikes – the declared aim of the government move – this surprise decision will neither protect French consumers nor address the reasons behind the energy market crisis. A much-needed long-term strategy that critically deals with the effects of energy market deregulation and the social impact of decarbonisation is missing.

The trade unions represented in EDF, have in the past successfully fended off attempts by the French government to dismantle the largely state-owned electric utility company. IndustriAll European trade union continues to stand with its French affiliates, as well as all EDF workers, in their fight for a strong and integrated company, able to meet the energy and climate challenges of this century, while guaranteeing the best possible working conditions.

Letter of support from industriAll Europe and EPSU to the French unions: FR

Contact: Andrea Husen-Bradley (press and communication), Sophie Grenade (policy adviser)