Workers of GKN Campo Bisenzio in Florence have occupied their plant since last Friday to protest against a decision to close the factory. 422 workers are directly affected by this decision.

Only days after ending the ban on dismissals during the COVID-19 pandemic on 30 June, the GKN management announced the relocation of activities to other production sites in Europe. All 422 workers were told by mail on 9 July that their factory will be closed.

Despite declaring how employees are a fundamental part of the organisation and should therefore be treated with dignity and respect, the GKN management is acting in exactly the opposite way. No prior dialogue took place with the local trade unions and the European Works Council was only briefly informed, without any possibility to assess the situation and express an opinion that could be taken into account.

In response to yet another attack on jobs and workers’ rights (see also Whirlpool), the Ministry of Economic Development invited the GKN management and social partners to meet on 15 July.

Luc Triangle, industriAll Europe’s General Secretary:

“We are outraged by this decision. The brutal and disrespectful way in which the workers have been informed of the intended dismissals is unacceptable. We urge the management to withdraw this decision and to engage in proper social dialogue with the Italian trade unions and the European Works Council.”

The workers of GKN Campo Bisenzio are determined to continue the fight until the decision is withdrawn. 

IndustriAll Europe's letter to GKN management: EN
Solidarity letter to industriAll Europe's affiliates FIOM-CGIL, FIM-CISL, UILM-UIL: IT
Contact: Andrea Husen-Bradley (press and communication), Bruno Demaître (policy adviser)