Today, French trade unions (CGT FNME, CFDT FCE, CFE-CGC Energies and FO Energie et Mines) have joined forces once more. Together, they stage their sixth day of action to protest about the dismantling of the French multinational electric utility company, EDF, in France.

Workers of the EDF group were called to action on 8 April to mobilise against the disastrous reform plans that are currently under discussion at national and European level. The plan foresees the splitting of the EDF group into different entities. Trade unions consider this a serious threat for EDF workers and for the strategic autonomy of the energy sector in France and in Europe.

To achieve a socially and ecologically just transition and a fair and inclusive recovery, in Europe and in France, it is certain that Europe’s energy sector must be strengthened.

IndustriAll European trade union stands with its French affiliates, as well as all EDF workers, to demand a stop to the dismantling of the group. On behalf of the 7 million working men and women in the manufacturing, mining and energy sectors across Europe, industriAll Europe is calling for:

  • The suspension of any project that could jeopardise the essential industrial capacities of the EDF group, and more widely, puts Europe’s needs at risk
  • Full involvement of trade unions in discussions on the future of the EDF group
  • A sustainable future for the group that meets the demands of EDF workers

In a joint video message with EPSU, the European trade union federation representing public sector workers, industriAll Europe’s General Secretary, Luc Triangle, states:

“We want EDF workers to be respected. We want their future and that of their company to be assured! We want a strong and integrated structure, able to meet the energy and climate challenges of this century, while guaranteeing the best possible working conditions.”

Joint press release of the French trade unions: FR, EN, PL

Contact: Andrea Husen-Bradley (press and communication), Sophie Grenade (policy adviser)