No Europe without Steel

This situation has been brought about by misguided austerity policies in Europe and has led to stifled growth and investments in infrastructure, a lack of investment in R&D and the upgrading of facilities and, more recently, to aggressive dumping of under-priced Chinese steel on the European market. Furthermore, industrial policy initiatives laid out in the European Steel Action Plan, which are desperately needed to save the steel sector from being completely wiped out, have yet to be rolled out. IndustriAll Europe insists on a future for steel in Europe, given its role as the vital backbone of high-tech industrial sectors such as automotive, electronics and renewables. European industrial workers will stand in unity and march together under the motto "No Europe without Steel!" to make the following demands:

  1. No to dumping, yes to fair trade!
    Steel is a highly relevant commodity for the global economy and should be traded at fair, undistorted prices, guaranteeing an international level playing field.

  2. An emissions trading system that supports the environment & jobs!
    IndustriAll Europe supports the goals of decarbonising industry and greening workplaces. However, organising and ensuring a just transition must not be to the detriment of 'top environmental performers' such as the European steel plants. Fine-tuned measures are needed in order to avoid the counterproductive effects of legislation.

  3. Effective trade defence instruments
    The European industry, and specifically the steel industry, needs to be shielded from products that are produced by companies which do not respect the principles of fair competition and have no regard to environmental or social standards!

  4. A proactive industrial policy to support the steel industry
    The European Commission needs to recognise the pivotal role played by the steel industry in the revival of European industry and must commit to finally implementing the Steel Action Plan!

  5. More & better jobs
    The financial crisis has shown that industry is the backbone of the European economy and that it accounts for numerous indirect jobs in the value chain. Protecting and increasing industrial employment needs to go back to being a number one priority!

  6. Increasing steel capacities
    Do not downsize Europe's steel capacities - modernise them!

It is high time for the EU to take action and to keep their promises to ensure that there will never be a Europe without steel!

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