Investing in a swift recovery – investing in the future of the European industrial basis

An industriAll Europe & Ceemet joint statement

At its annual sectoral Social Dialogue plenary meeting, social partners from the metal, engineering and technology-based industries (MET) published a joint position calling on governments to keep on investing in Europe’s industrial basis as cornerstone for a swift recovery.

With an estimated 6 million out of the 17 million directly employed workers of the sector in short term unemployment due to the economic lockdowns, Ceemet and industriAll Europe call upon the European Parliament and the Heads of State and Government to act swiftly in order to keep the European economy afloat and not losing out to its competitors.

IndustriAll Europe General Secretary Luc Triangle states: “We call on the EU and on the national governments to closely involve Social Partners in the drafting and implementation of the national recovery plans. Investing in the recovery without further delay is mandatory to keep European industry competitive and to keep quality jobs and skilled labour in Europe.” He adds: “Governments should draw on the Social Partners’ sectoral expertise to make sure that the twin transition to a digital and green economy goes hand in hand with the recovery and strengthens Europe’s industrial base.”

Ceemet Director General Delphine Rudelli highlights that: “1 million qualitative and well-paid jobs in Europe are at risk to be lost forever. This is reason enough to agree rapidly on recovery plans for the industry sector, with a proper contribution of the social partners”. She continues by adding, “so far, we understand that industry employers and trade unions have only been consulted in a limited number of Member States. We urge governments to work in close cooperation with social partners to draw the details of their National Recovery & Resilience plans”.

During the plenary Co-Chair of the Social Dialogue Plenary Wolfgang Lemb put forward: “We welcome that the European Union´s recovery has a focus on both, the twin transition to a green and digital economy, and on sustainability and on solidarity. Facilitating these transformations will be an opportunity for a sustainable and competitive industry that sustains and creates quality jobs in Europe.”.

“The recovery and resilience facility, together with the national plans, are essential for employers and employees,” insists Maria Luis Correia, Co-Chair of the Social Dialogue Plenary, “now we need a swift implementation so that European companies and workers are ready for a recovery that drives innovation and promotes a more cohesive and inclusive economy.”

Political support is needed for industry and workers, to mitigate the consequences of the crisis and to keep a strong and resilient industrial basis in Europe. Facilitating the transformation is the precondition for a sustainable and competitive industry that continues to sustain and create quality jobs in Europe and in her regions. 

Joint press statement
Joint statement 'Investing in a swift recovery – investing in the future of the European industrial basis': EN, DE, FR
Contact: Andrea Husen-Bradley (press and communication)