Today, industriAll Europe’s Executive Committee approved a statement on the EU recovery plan and related COVID-19 Trade Union strategies as well as position papers on the needs to build back equally and to pay close attention to the next generation of industrial workers in the recovery. 

Our statement combines positions and demands of industriAll Europe for a social and sustainable recovery as well as the trade union strategies to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. It broadly addresses the following themes:

  • Governance: ensuring the involvement of unions in defining and implementing national recovery plans
  • Conditionality: making sure that social and fiscal strings are attached to public support given to companies
  • Coordination: the need to coordinate plans between Member States and with the EU
  • A recovery that supports the green and digital transformation of industry and is based on Just Transition principles
  • Job support mechanisms that are required to ensure recovery for all
  • Defending our rights: ensuring that trade union rights, collective bargaining rights and worker participation rights are strengthened in the recovery process and not dismantled

As with previous economic and financial crises, the COVID-19 crisis is increasing social inequalities in our societies, having a greater impact on some workers than others. A recovery that works for everyone must be based on strengthening equality rules to underpin a transition to a more equal and inclusive society. It cannot be built on a roll-back of equality gains. Increasing the diversity of our industrial workforce is vital to guaranteeing the future of sustainable production in Europe. Our position puts forward demands to shape a recovery that works for everyone. New ideas and inspiration are needed, a new leadership culture and creative collaboration.

The COVID-19 crisis is disproportionately affecting young workers and apprentices. Many young people have suddenly found themselves with suspended or interrupted employment or apprenticeship contracts and with no other opportunities to start their professional career. We must prevent that young people are left behind in the European and national recovery plans. Our statement intends to ring alarm bells and highlights the urgency to include the young generation in the recovery at all levels – European, national, regional, sectoral and local.

Statement on the EU recovery plan: EN, FR, DE

Equal Opportunities - Building Back Equally: EN, FR, DE

Youth Statement: EN, FR, DE

Contact: Andrea Husen-Bradley (press and communication)