Commenting on today’s announcement of massive job cuts by carmaker Renault, Luc Triangle, industriAll Europe General Secretary said:

“We are highly alarmed at the 15,000 job cuts announced by Renault today as part of a large-scale restucturing that is likely to affect thousands of jobs in Europe. The announcement comes after Renault's strategic partner Nissan unveiled huge job cuts yesterday, sending shockwaves through the industry and its workforce.”

“IndustriAll Europe watches developments very closely and will, together with our European affiliates, critically assess the situation for the company’s workforce. We will also act in solidarity with affected workers outside Europe.”

“We cannot accept that this restructuring plan should be final. The plan must be analysed and properly consulted with all trade unions involved. Given the transnational dimension of the restructuring, we also demand that Renault strictly respects European legislation regarding information and consultation rights of its European workforce. We urge Renault management to discuss at all levels alternatives for these massive job cuts.”

“IndustriAll Europe also reminds European policy makers to pay close attention to the needs of the automotive sector to allow its recovery from the COVID19 crisis. The sector generates millions of direct and indirect jobs and is the engine for many other industrial sectors and services.” 

Contact: Andrea Husen-Bradley press and communication, Benjamin Denis adviser for the automotive sector