Our messages are reaching national and European policymakers, employers, workers and European society.

The campaign has been taken up with significant impact at European and national levels. This can be followed on the interactive map and on the coverage page of the campaign website. In a nutshell, our campaign:

The campaign has been trickling down to the regional, local and company levels with workers from across Europe engaging actively in the campaign. For example:

  • in Belgium, unions are promoting the campaign in workplaces through posters and social media and they are showing the campaign videos at activist meetings
  • in Czechia, OS Kovo is distributing the campaign materials through regional offices to all company-level trade union organizations 
  • in Finland, PRO, Teollisuusliitto and YTN have made their own testimonial videos for the campaign which have been shown through various channels to their members
  • in France, CGT is planning a demonstration in front of workplaces claiming better collective bargaining
  • in Germany, IG Metall NRW discussed in their Collective Bargaining Committee meeting on 19 November how to get involved in the "Together at Work” European Action Week
  • in Slovakia, OZ Kovo organized a Public Support Assembly in Košice on 7 November, and has been sending letters to Slovak MEPs and MPs regarding the campaign and the need to promote social dialogue and collective bargaining 
  • in the UK, Unite has been publishing articles in national newspapers and is actively carrying out the campaign in relation also to the upcoming national elections in December.

IndustriAll Europe's General Secretary, Luc Triangle, said: “We are very proud of our affiliates who are engaged in our campaign across Europe. Together we are stronger, and we are glad to see that our members are fully on board of this campaign and that our messages are reaching national and European policymakers, employers, workers and European society. We need to continue this effort until we reach better and stronger collective bargaining everywhere.”

About the campaign

The objective of industriAll Europe’s collective bargaining campaign is to demonstrate the positive impact of collective bargaining, underpinned by strong unions, in delivering a better life for workers. It consists of 7 targeted campaigns, each lasting one month. 

The campaign can also be followed on facebook (@industriAllEU), twitter (@industriAll_EU) and instagram (industriall_europe).

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