On behalf of the 7 million working men and women in the manufacturing, mining and energy sectors across Europe, industriAll Europe expressed its wholehearted support to all EDF workers and trade unionists in France who will take action tomorrow, 19 September, to say NO to the “Hercule” project and defend the future of their company and jobs.

“IndustriAll Europe recalls that energy is a public good and a strategic sector for all of Europe’s industries. Energy independence and development of energy infrastructures are an absolute prerequisite to a strong European economy”, stressed Luc Triangle, industriAll Europe General Secretary. The choice that fully integrated energy groups are making to split their energy-related activities into separate entities – be it EDF, Siemens or General Electric – is leading to nothing but gradually dismantling and undermining the key energy players that Europe needs the most.

“Access to energy, securing energy supply and favorable energy prices all directly contribute to industrial growth and creation of sustainable jobs. At a time of tremendous energy challenges that Europe must take up should it secure its independence in energy supply and a fair transition to a low-carbon economy, it is unacceptable to jeopardise EDF capacities to further grow, invest and innovate”, insisted Luc Triangle.

IndustriAll Europe firmly refuses that workers, who are fully devoted to ensuring the daily success of their company, pay the price of ill-thought and narrow-minded decisions which are pursuing the sole interest of financial actors. IndustriAll Europe stands strongly together with CGT FNME, CFDT FCE, CFE-CGC Energie and FO Energie and Mines, as well as all EDF workers to call upon the EDF Management to stop its restructuring project. “IndustriAll Europe expects that a quality social dialogue be put in place without further delay, to provide answers and guarantees to the legitimate concerns expressed by EDF workers throughout Europe” concluded Luc Triangle.

Link to: The French unions call for joint strike action on 19 September