At the union’s 2017 congress, which was attended by industriAll Europe General Secretary Luc Triangle, a resolution was passed calling for an increase in pensions for underground workers to bring them into line with those received by the military.

We have now received notice from SPMSH that this aim has been fulfilled in a new law passed by the Albanian government on “supplementary financial treatment of workers who have worked in underground mines as well as workers of the oil, gas and metallurgical industry."

Under the law, former miners who worked for the state or private sector for six years or more, will receive a substantial increase in their annual pension payments. 

An additional 1% will be paid to those who suffer a disability as a result of their former occupation.

In further good news, 300 miners who had not been paid for six months will now receive their wages in full.  

industriAll Europe congratulations SPMSH for securing these great steps forward for Albanian miners that we’re proud to have among our membership and represent at a European level.