No options should be off the table to save the future of the business and we call on the EU to clear the way for any state aid that might be necessary to do this.

Luis Colunga, Deputy General Secretary of industriAll Europe, said:

“The uncertainly over the future of British Steel is extremely concerning for thousands of workers, their families and the communities that rely on these plants staying open and remaining profitable. It’s imperative that workers and suppliers continue to be paid while a long-term solution is found.

“Our UK members, Unite, Community and GMB, have been working around the clock and have managed to secure assurances from the UK Government that they will underwrite British Steel’s receivership. The dire financial troubles are not the fault of the workers and we support our UK members in demanding that workers are not punished for the financial mismanagement of the company.

"We call on the current management and the UK government to enter into transparent and productive dialogue with the trade unions in order to work together to secure a sustainable future for the business and its workers. EU state aid rules should be no barrier to securing the future of British Steel and we call on the Commission to make this clear as soon as possible.”