Today we're focusing on the third of our five European election 2019 demands: a just transition to a green economy. 

Building an economy that is sustainable, circular and low-carbon is an overarching societal objective. However, it creates important challenges that need to be addressed in order to avoid social disruption. Organising a ‘just transition’ is at the heart of our activities. 

This is also supported by the preamble of the Paris Agreement which invites parties ‘to consider the imperatives of a just transition of the workforce’.  Therefore, our environmental ambitions must be met by social policies with the same level of ambition. Environmental and social sustainability must go hand in hand. 

IndustriAll Europe demands:

  • To put in place the necessary flanking measures to find a decent solution for every single worker affected by the transition: stepping up vocational education and training and the right to lifelong learning to secure workers’ up- and re-skilling, regional re-development plans, a social dialogue that anticipates change, support value chain re-positioning of companies. All of this will require substantial funding and European coordination.

  • A fair energy transition has to be organised by setting ambitious goals for energy efficiency and renewables while guaranteeing at the same time secure and sufficient energy to both citizens and companies, at affordable prices.

  • European industries need to be protected against carbon leakage (relocation of investments because of loose environmental legislation elsewhere). Free emission rights at the level of top 10% best performers should be guaranteed.

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