Today we're focusing on the fourth of our five European election 2019 demands: manufacturing our future. 

During the crisis 4 million industrial workers lost their job as a result of irresponsible behaviour in the financial sector. Today it is time to restore lost industrial capabilities and to launch a ‘Made in Europe 2030’ strategy as a shared common and ambitious project, capable of creating badly needed industrial jobs. Industry must again become an engine for positive social, industrial and environmental change.

Therefor, industriAll Europe demands:

  • Strengthening the role of industry in delivering the solutions for our ‘grand societal challenges’ (energy, climate, ageing, digitalisation, urbanisation,). Developing new industrial activities in a clean economy by exploring the synergies between the economy and sustainable development is probably the most important challenge for industrial policy.

  • Promotion of public and private investments to drive sustainable economic growth.

  • Industrial action plans for all sectors of strategic interest.

  • A territorial balanced industrialisation with special attention to the less developed and industrial transition regions.

  • Increased support to research and innovation in order to keep industry at the cutting edge of technological developments. The first industrial application of this support to be set up in the EU.

  • Industrial and labour market policies enabling structural changes resulting from the “deep decarbonisation” of European industries, in particular energy intensive sectors, to be accompanied in terms of keeping jobs.

  • The development of a circular economy which creates additional jobs in recycling, maintenance, repair, re-use and re-manufacturing.

  • Addressing the challenges of and preparing workers for the digital economy.

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