“IndustriAll Europe has been supporting Alstom and Siemens Mobility workers and trade unions for over a year in their multiple actions - including an unprecedented European Action Day in May 2018 – to secure the future of their jobs and sites across Europe”, said Luc Triangle, industriAll Europe General Secretary. “Following today’s decision by the European Commission to block the merger, industriAll Europe recalls that trade unions are more than ever committed to defending a sustainable and prosperous sector in which Europe plays a key role at the global level and leads to job creation and industrial development”.

The European rail manufacturing industry is a strategic part of Europe’s fabric and delivers solutions to many of our major social challenges such as mobility, climate change, energy efficiency, demographic change and urbanisation. Our railway equipment industry has enjoyed a leading position on the international stage thanks to the cutting-edge technologies industry workers have developed over years of experience. If the European companies in the railway supply industry are to retain their market leadership and be prepared to take up the many transformations ahead, such as that of digitalisation, their ability to come up with ground-breaking technologies by relying on skilled workers must be secured.

“Let’s make it loud and clear once more: now is the time for EU policy-makers to deliver a robust industrial policy which supports the competitiveness and long-term development prospects of the railway supply industry in Europe. The future of the sector rests on nothing but ambitious investment plans, secured innovation capacities and the development of workers’ qualifications to make the most of a high-growth market. We hope that the expert group on the rail supply sector which was set up by the Commission last year and of which industriAll Europe is a member, will soon come up with an ambitious action plan for the sector”, stressed Luc Triangle.

Jumping at Commissioner Vestager’s decision, voices from all sides are converging to demand a serious reflection of the EU competition rules which often no longer fit a reality in which our European companies are thriving not just within the European borders but also on global markets.

“IndustriAll Europe believes it is high time to start this reflection. Our competition rules date from the 20th century. European companies must create quality jobs in the global market of the 21st century and in this context, we need an urgent debate.” stated Luc Triangle. “However, revising does not mean getting rid of all rules and trade unions will oppose any attempt at deregulation. We do need a regulatory framework in Europe which not only protects the interest of European consumers but first and foremost takes fully into account those of European workers and industries”.

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