Triangle took part in the latest of a series of industry roundtables with European Commission vice-president Jyrki Katainen and commissioner for the single market and industry, Elżbieta Bieńkowska, which began in February 2018 and continued today as part of EU Industry Day.

The roundtable is actively drafting a report, to be published by mid-2019, on a "vision for the European industry until 2030", including the major trends industry will be confronted with, the drivers for success and an action plan.

IndustriAll Europe is representing the voice of workers along with the ETUC to ensure that there is a strong social dimension to the plan, which will also be influenced by business representatives and academics.

"We want the transitions that European industry will undergo until 2030 and beyond to be just to all workers, all companies in the value chains and all regions in the European Union", said Triangle.

"It is only when all members of society are on board that evolutions can be smooth – and thus fast enough to meet the industrial, environmental and social challenges of the future".

IndustriAll Europe is using EU Industry Day to stress the need for a socially just transition to a low carbon economy. Click here to read more.