IndustriAll Europe and COTANCE, the leather sector’s European Social Partners, want to spearhead this process in their Industry. We understand that health and safety in tannery workplaces is a key priority for leather value chains and we believe that Social Dialogue at sector level is the right instrument for setting Due Diligence standards which are technically feasible, appropriate and effective, and can lead businesses to exploit new opportunities and gain enhanced competitiveness.

We have worked in the context of an EU sponsored Social Dialogue project to find out more about the levels of maturity and integration of health and safety practices in tannery workplaces and its communication along the leather value chain. With the support of the University of Northampton (UK), we launched in this context, a survey on practices and perceptions of four distinct stakeholder groups of the sector. With the support of Prevent (Leuven, Belgium), we have also updated the OiRA tannery risk assessment tool developed in Social Dialogue in 2012.

This report presents the findings from our survey. They are a call to action to drive market transformation at sectoral level. After our Conference, we will extend the dialogue to:
• sector and industry leaders on practical ways to take action around Due Diligence; and
• European Union (EU) institutions to explore how they can support industry leadership to accelerate the uptake of Due Diligence, notably in workplace health & safety in Global Value Chains.

The survey report carried out under the EU-sponsored Due Diligence for Healthy Workplaces in the Tanning Industry can is now available for download in 7 languages:
- Due Diligence in Tanneries - Report.pdf

- Due Diligence Industria Conciaria - Relazione.pdf

- Devoir de Precaution Tanneries - Rapport.pdf

- Auditoria Industria Curtido - Informe.pdf

- Due Diligence Lederindustrie - Bericht.pdf

- Diligencia Devida Industria Curtumes - Relatorio.pdf

- Demersuri necesare Industria Pielariei - Raport.pdf

The key results of this project will be presented at a Final Conference in Brussels in October 2018.

Those wishing to attend may register their interest with