There will be no ‘European champion(s) of mobility’, as the two managements put it, unless the social and industrial dimension comes first!

Whereas the financial consequences and gains for shareholders have been made clear, Alstom and Siemens Mobility workers and their representatives still lack visibility on the long-term strategy underpinning the intention. The likely industrial and social implications of the merger plan remain unknown, as well as the consequences for all the European workers and their families. The strategies pursued by the companies must neither jeopardise the future of Alstom and Siemens Mobility’s jobs and sites in Europe nor dilute workers’ rights.

Upon their trade unions’ call, Alstom Transport and Siemens Mobility workers will thus take action all over Europe (in Germany, France, Spain, Belgium…) to defend a future-oriented industrial activity in which Europe plays a key role at global level and which leads to job creation and industrial development, irrespective of the outcome of ongoing merger discussions.

Under the umbrella of their European trade union federation, industriAll Europe, Alstom and Siemens Mobility workers’ trade unions urge both managements to:

  1. Secure all jobs and all European sites by opening negotiations with trade unions in all countries as soon as possible
  2. Secure the innovation capacities of all sites through groundbreaking R&D, ambitious investment plans and the development of workers’ skills and qualifications
  3. Provide full clarity on Alstom’s and on Siemens’ long-term industrial projects and how they will help secure the future development of the two companies
  4. Commit to high-level standards of social dialogue and respect workers’ rights to information, consultation and participation on the envisaged merger.

“There will be no ‘European champion(s) of mobility’, as the two managements put it, unless the social and industrial dimension comes first! The future of Alstom and of Siemens Mobility rests on nothing but secured jobs, sites and innovation capacities in each European site to make the most of a high-growth market” said Sylvain Lefebvre, Deputy General Secretary.

"The European rail manufacturing industry is a strategic part of Europe’s fabric and delivers solutions to many of our major social challenges such as mobility, climate change, energy efficiency, demographic change and urbanisation. The discussions surrounding the Alstom and Siemens Mobility merger plans further highlight the responsibility EU policy-makers bear too. It is high time for them to deliver a robust industrial policy which supports the competitiveness and long-term development perspectives of the railway supply industry in Europe”, stressed Luc Triangle, industriAll Europe General Secretary. 

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