Fighting unfair trading practices to support industrial workplaces is at the heart of our concerns - Luc Triangle

The most important change is the lifting of the ‘lesser duty rule’ (LDR) in case of distortions in the prices of raw materials and energy. This will make it possible to levy duties for the whole dumping margin. Equally important is the fact that a clear link has been established between trade policy and the preservation of our social model. Indeed, core labour and multilateral environmental standards will be taken into account for calculating the injury margin, which can also lead to higher dumping duties. Furthermore, trade unions are invited to raise their voices during the proceedings and will even be able to raise a complaint (together with employers). The introduction of a minimum profit margin of at least 6% and the speeding-up of procedures are also important improvements. 

For industriAll Europe, these changes represent crucial steps in the right direction following a very long and sensitive debate. They will provide the Commission with new tools to support the principles of free and fair trade. But most of all, they will safeguard industrial jobs in Europe. As an industrial trade union with millions of jobs dependent upon exports, industriAll Europe will never support a protectionist agenda. However, trade defence is part of the legal order created by the WTO and should be used in a targeted, temporary, non-arbitrary and transparent way. 

“On balance, we are happy with the outcome of the trilogue. The agreed measures create a strong and legitimate framework, which will allow to impose higher tariffs on dumped/subsidised goods in case of distortions of energy and raw material prices. The fact that trade unions will be able to participate in dumping procedures will allow us to put jobs and respect of social and environmental standards centre stage. Indeed, fighting unfair trading practices to support industrial workplaces is at the heart of our concerns” said Luc Triangle, General Secretary of industriAll Europe.

“Having said this, we still think that the institutions could have gone one step further by simply lifting the lesser duty rule in case of non-respect of core labour standards”, Luc Triangle continued.

“Together with the new anti-dumping methodology, we have made good progress in establishing an overall trade defence system that lives up to the current challenges of globalisation. Having a legitimate and robust trade defence system is one thing, but the Commission must now use and enforce it in a strict and consistent way. Therefore, we remain cautious as the proof of the pudding is in the eating, only in practise we will see if the new regime is really able to address global overcapacities, market distortions and the non-respect of labour and environmental standards”, Luc Triangle concluded.

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