In the last few months, many strikes of industriall Europe affiliated organisations in Turkey were banned by a Ministerial Cabinet Decree claiming that these strikes threaten national security or public health.

We reject the allegations that the right to strike is a tool for abuse. The right to strike is an integral part of the right to collective bargaining and is guaranteed by relevant EU legislation and ILO Conventions. Therefore, we would like to once again condemn these strike bans and anti-union practices by employers and call on the Turkish Government to respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, including right to strike. We also call on the Government and employers to end attacks against trade unionists. In the spirit of international cooperation and as a firm supporter of European integration, industriAll Europe will, together with its Turkish affiliates, closely monitor the developments in Turkey and point to any shortcomings in an effort to defend European standards and universal human rights.

Lastly, the Executive Committee expresses its solidarity with all Turkish workers negatively affected by the situation.