With companies recovering and shareholder value exceeding pre-crisis levels, it is high time for workers to receive their share of the recovery. They need a pay rise. Making sure that wages provide workers with a decent quality of living is an absolute priority! We must ensure that wage development keeps up with inflation and productivity throughout Europe so as to put an end to the constant unfair redistribution of income.

Politicians and governments are called upon to act. A mere couple of days after the publication of the European Pillar of Social Rights, we are calling on governmental actors and political players to show that Europe delivers on its promises for more social justice, through economic and social convergence between European citizens, regions and countries.

Setting minimum standards on the information an employer is required to provide employees, on access to social protection systems for all workers, and on work-life balance, is essential to achieving upward convergence and equal treatment of workers. Upward convergence also must be achieved by promoting and reinforcing collective bargaining structures as these are the only tool to ensure a more equal distribution of income and all-round higher wage levels. This ought to be combined, where necessary, with the implementation of a minimum wage, which would guarantee a decent living for every worker in the EU.

If Europe is to have a future, and overcome the many forces seeking to fragment, destabilise and destruct, then efforts have to be made to win over support from citizens by showing that equality is a reality within the EU, rather than an empty promise.

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