Today we are launching our election campaign and call on industrial workers across Europe to vote in the European Parliament elections.

We are calling on our members to vote for candidates who will stand up for good industrial jobs!

Because this year's European elections will shape the future of our industries and our jobs.

Industrial workers are rightly worried about their jobs and the lack of strong industrial policies to secure a sustainable future for our industries. We are shocked that Europe appears to be returning to austerity at a time when fairness, decent wages and investment are desperately needed. The current political and economic climate is a breeding ground for forces that sow division and social conflict and attack workers' rights. This can be seen where the far right is in power.

That is why, as a trade union organisation representing 7 million industrial workers across Europe, we are getting out to campaign for a European Parliament that stands up for workers’ rights and good industrial jobs in a democratic Europe.

Because much can be achieved with the support of allies in the European Parliament that defend trade union interests and values.

The political battles we have won over the past four years have largely been the result of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) supporting our demands and defending them in negotiations with the Commission, the Council and national governments. Our campaign recognises the gains for workers won with the help of MEPs and sets out our key demands for the next European Parliament.

The future of our industries and workers' rights depend on the decisions made in these crucial elections.

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Five WINS for Good Industrial Jobs in Europe
WIN 1: Industrial Policy back on the agenda
WIN 2: A collective response to the crisis and transformation
WIN 3: Strengthening of collective bargaining
WIN 4: Steps forward for equality
WIN 5: A new agenda for shopfloor rights

Five DEMANDS for Good Industrial Jobs in Europe
DEMAND 1: A good industrial jobs compass for a Just Transition
DEMAND 2: An investment and industrial plan for good industrial jobs in Europe with social conditionalities
DEMAND 3: Democracy at work for good industrial jobs
DEMAND 4: A right to energy for good industrial jobs and good lives
DEMAND 5: Good industrial job guarantees along the global supply chain