FIM, FIOM and UILM, Italian trade unions have confirmed their willingness to continue the discussion to ensure a real renewal for future investments, new industrial policy that protects employment in Europe, salaries and most importantly workers’ rights. In addition, to reaffirm the need to keep collective bargaining power at two level: national & local company, and for a new system of industrial relations for workers and companies.

On Wednesday (20 April 2016) FIM, FIOM, and UILM unions invite all the metal workers to take part to the 4 hours’ national strike calling for a collective agreement that:

  • guarantee purchasing power workers;
  • increase and strengthen the second level of bargaining;
  • improve working conditions and rights for All workers;
  • relaunch of the industrial and employment system.

Therefore, industriAll Europe support the Italian trade union action. A clear signal has to be sent to employers and governments all over the Europe to stop the further development of precarious work.